I’m Cathy. You can call me Cat, because it’s part of my name and because it’s my favorite animal in the world (aside from its slightly friendlier brother, Dog). I like to write. I like to draw. I basically love everything art. You might have known me from wattpad, or from the book that I’ve just published, or maybe instagram.

NOMAD (not)
I’m mostly active on wattpad and instagram. Find me there and say hello! Or you can always email me on demonicblackcat@gmail.com as I am a HORRIBLE tracker and often get lost in the sea of emails in wattpad and DMs in instagram.

Wattpad: demonicblackcat

Deviantart: demonicblackcat

Instagram: demonicblackcatwrites

(from my username I think it’s safe to deduct that I have an obsession with a black cat))

I’m now currently stuck at life. I’ll be updating more to see if I can update Quirky Romantic Queries About Love as frequently as I was able to. But as of now, I still haven’t dared to post if I haven’t gotten 5 chapters in advance. Once I’m on the roll (which hopefully won’t take long), I’ll notify and bother and annoy the hell out of you